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One of the leading metal recycling companies in the UK.


C.F. Booth’s Copper Alloy manufacturing division.

Our product range covers Nickel Aluminium Bronze, Copper Nickel and Brass

Cast ingots/slab/billet for; re-melting, rolling or forging stock
Proof/Finish machined forgings – bars, blanks, discs, rings etc.
Hot rolled and machined bar

We are a manufacturer of all well known material specifications such as AB1, AB2, CuAl10Ni5Fe4, NES 833 (Def Stan 02-833), CW307G, CA104, BS 2874, EN 12420, C63000, C63200, NES 779, NES 780 (Def Stan 02-779, Def Stan 02-780), CuNi30, CuNi10, CZ112, CZ114, C107 Arsenical Copper.

We are manufacturers of copper alloys

Welcome to C.F. Booth’s Copper Alloy manufacturing division.

Established in 1920, C.F. Booth is much more than a metal recycler. We operate as a specialist manufacturer of a wide range of copper based alloys in various forms in a semi finished or finished condition.

Through significant investment in resources and highly skilled personnel accompanied by an uncompromised commitment to achieving the very highest standards of quality, CF Booth has firmly established itself as a World leader in the manufacture of copper based alloys in cast and wrought forms.

Our product range encompasses many different types of material specifications covering aluminium bronze, copper nickel and brass varieties. We are a key supplier to the marine, aerospace, defence and oil and gas industries and have the knowledge and expertise to be able to offer advice on the most suitable alloy to meet your requirements, as well as the possibility to discuss a bespoke solution.

Please view our Products page for more information on the types of copper based alloys that we can offer. Any of our standard materials can be adjusted to offer a tailor made solution through our highly sophisticated electric induction melting furnaces.

CF Booth Visit BAE Systems

CF Booth Visit BAE Systems Ken Booth (Director), Andy Green (Operations Manager) and Stuart Guy (Quality Manager) recently visited BAE Systems base in Barrow-in-Furness as

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