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About CF Booth Manufacturing

Established in 1920 by Clarence Frederick Booth predominantly to provide a weighing-in service to the local public for their ferrous and non ferrous scrap, CF Booth has now developed into one of the largest independent metal recycling and manufacturing companies in Europe.

CF Booth Ltd is the head of the CF Booth group of companies. The head office in Rotherham has been our home since the company was founded and it has grown significantly over the years, now covering some 34 acres.

In 2012 CF Booth Ltd was awarded the highly recognised Queens Award for Enterprise in relation to International Trade.

Products machining

Our manufacturing side of the company was setup in the 1980’s to compliment the recycling operations and we began producing copper based ingots, predominantly to supply to foundries for re-melting.

Through large scale investment over the years we have increased our melting capacity as well as enhancing our manufacturing processes to ensure that we can offer the very highest quality products to our customers.

In recent years we have diversified by adding different types of cast products to our range including large ingots and slab metal in various sizes specifications. These are supplied as cast and machined or can be further processed through forging or rolling in order to provide finished components.

We are a recognised provider of material to the marine and aerospace industry which has led to us being an approved supplier to BAE Systems for the supply of material for use in first level safety critical applications.


CF Booth’s copper based alloy manufacturing department is certified to ISO 9001:2008.

Our manufacturing processes are defined under the following sub sections, all encompassing our in house laboratory with state of the art analysing equipment, modern large capacity furnaces and extensive cutting and machining facility:

  • Ingot Manufacturing
  • Billet & Slab
  • Forgings
  • Copper Shot
  • Copper Granules


CF Booth has various customer approvals and is an approved supplier to BAE Systems. We also have many other company approvals and memberships for our metal recycling operations which are shown below.

A copy of our latest ISO 9001:2008 certificate for the above manufacturing processes is available to download from our downloads page.